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"Intense, soaring singer/pianist Anna Winthrop and cellist Kirin McElwain play their individualistic, windswept, cinematic jazz-inflected art-rock" New York Music Daily
"Singer/pianist Anna Winthrop defies categorization. Her Soundcloud page has a mix of lush art-rock, terse chamber pop and classical art-song, sometimes with just the hint of cabaret. Her tunes are translucent and catchy; she likes a steady beat and big anthemic crescendos, even if she’s not playing them in straight-up 4/4 much of the time. And she’s a fantastic singer." New York Music Daily

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I am honored to have been profiled by the Malala Fund, a wonderful organization that helps girls from around the world to complete 12 years of safe, quality education. To learn about their programs and how to become involved, visit malala.org. To read their profile on me visit: go here

I am so grateful for my musical partnership with the enormously talented cellist, Kirin McElwain. The cello always been one of my favorite instruments and is considered to be the most ‘voice-like’ instrument for its warmth and versatility of tone. Composing for cello and voice seems like a natural fit to me, yet surprisingly little has been written for this pairing, even in the classical world. Recently, I’ve been exploring this relationship in my own songwriting, and am lucky to have had a cellist as versatile as Kirin as my partner in this process. I have recently relocated to the DC metro area and will miss our collaboration. Watch us below or visit the media tab. To learn more about Kirin visit kirinmcelwain.com.

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The Songwriting Experiment

What happens when you sit down to improvise at the piano without any agenda or intention to create something specific? This is what I asked myself two years ago. I always felt that if I was going to compose something, I would need to pick what it would be; a pop song, a jazz tune, a musical, a chamber opera, an avant-garde piece. It seemed only logical to choose a genre I knew well and proceed accordingly. But this left me feeling unmotivated—surely, in each area there was someone else much more qualified than I creating new compositions.. I should leave it to them. But after spending most of my life performing music written by a diversity of composers, I didn't know what my identity was as a singer or musician. So I began my experiment, and was overwhelmed by the amount of music that poured out of me. I am now starting to share some of this music, so feel free to listen, or visit the soundcloud/facebook links and let me know what you think!

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